One Stop, Single Window Solution


Terra records profiles of and transactions with farmers and Members/Clients for agricultural input distributors and Output aggregators. Using the profiles collected, localized weather forecasts and market prices can be disseminated to the mass.

Type of solution

TERRA uses mobile and users need Internet to access web portal. It is very friendly and can be used by anyone.


Farmers, Brokers and Policiy Makers

Value addition

Access to real time data and analytics on demand. Fast and reliable service provision at farm level.

What does TERRA do?

Enables the sale and purchase of agricultural inputs and outputs digitally, by using smartphones and NFC tags.

Sends out Weather forecast and Market price through SMS and IVR.

How is the business sustainable ?

It’s a transaction fee based business model. when selling input or buying output using TERRA, fees will be charged per transactions. Also income generated from IVR and SMS services.


150 thousand smallholder farmers in Ethiopia use TERRA to transact input and outputs. More than 3000 smallholder farmers receive weather forecasts twice a week.