The objective of CLEANED R is by combining open access GIS data with participatory modeling to develop a quick and but “good enough” context specific environmental impact assessment simulation tool to explore consequences of possible livestock value chain transformations in the developing world.

What is Cleaned R Tool ?

It’s an ex-ante spatially explicit environmental simulation tool, computing :

  1. Land pressure, land use change and overall production
  2. Water use for livestock
  3. Greenhouse gas emissions (IPCC tier 2)
  4. Biodiversity change
  5. Nitrogen soil balance Based on user input of number of  livestock, alive weight, productivity and feed basket for each category of livestock

Type of solution

It’s a web based tool proposing 2 different versions: the simplied one and the expert user version.

The simple user interface


CLEANED R Tool is for quite advancede users though final beneficiaries are stakeholders along the livestock value chain (farmers, pastoralists, community leaders, veterinary, extension agent, government people …)

What does CLEANED R tool do ? how does it help ?

It helps:

  1. Identify trade-offs and synergies in livestock value chains
  2. Mediate existing conflict
  3. Develop an inclusive and sustainable shared  vision of the future


  • In Ethiopia: national, local government and local community members came to understand each others differing priorities and, as a result, negotiated better scenarios.
  • In Burkina Faso : conflicting parties (pastoralist vs crop farmers) accepted to listen to each other and found an acceptable way to cohabitate.
  • In Tanzania : a community started thinking beyond individuals, understanding that they benefit from a joint service demand for feed and veterinary services that will reduce their costs.