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What is DEAMAT ?

DEAMAT is an online shopping platform (E-Commerce for agriculture products) connecting small holder farmers with consumers.

Type of solution

It’s a friendly responsive web based application that can be used on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.


Farmers (Offer side) and Hotels and Condos (Demand side) will benefit from this ICT solution.

What does DEAMAT do ?

Farmers can’t directly sell their products to the users or consumers, Instead they deliver them to middlemen brokers who buy the agricultural products at ridiculously exploitative price

When a customer wants to order any product from one of the producer, s/he adds the items into her cart and completes payment using one of our payment channels (Amole Wallet, Hello cash, or CBE Birr).

Money is transferred from the customers wallet account to the producer on the same channel, i.e. if the customer has Amole wallet account then the money will be transferred to the producers.

Amole wallet and if the customer uses CBE Birr account, then it’s transferred it to producer CBE Birr account and same goes with others.

Once the payment is completed, an email and an sms is sent to the customer, Merchant and our shipping agent sending notifications about the transaction.

When our shipping agent gets notified about the order, it collects the ordered item(s) from the merchant and delivers it to the customer.

How is the business sustainable

We make revenue by taking commission depending on the type of product.


Deamat has become the platinum winner of the green slam innovation business competition.