Slogan: Empower farmers through information access!

8028 Farmers’ Hotline, powered by eCom Technologies IVR/SMS Platform, provides agronomic advice to small holder farmers across Ethiopia. Farmers call into the service via toll free number “8028” and get valuable agronomic advice and best practices. The system currently serves more than 1200 simultaneous incoming and outgoing calls.

Type of solution

The IVR/SMS platform is a very friendly tool. It can be used by most farmers, even almost illiterate ones and it doesn’t require any expensive equipement, just basic mobile phone.


Essentially farmers and extensionists.

What does the eCom Technologies’ IVR/SMS do ?

The system works via mobile telephone network.  Farmers will be able to access valuable information  and agronomic advice via their mobile phone  from anywhere across the country.

The IVR/SMS Platform has been implemented on several project in Ethiopia including 8028 Farmers’ Hotline and National Market Information System. eCom Technologies IVR/SMS platform is integrated with a Web application for remote management. Clients can monitor and manage the system remotely using the web platform. eCom Technologies is value added service partner of ethio telecom.


  • Over 4 million farmers registered on the system
  • Over 35 million calls received
  • Over 50 million SMS messages