Vision: To see the hard work of African farming families lead to prosperity and food security for themselves, their communities, and their countries

Farm Radio International’s mission is to support African broadcasters to provide radio services that share knowledge and amplify the voices of small scale farmers, their families and their communities.

Type of solution

Widespread, inexpensive and accessible, Radio is particularly friendly ICT tool that can be used by anyone. As the world’s most popular mass medium, radio is especially important in rural Africa, where people rely on it for information.

Interactive and participatory radio program using Radio combined with Mobile and Interactive Voice Response (IVR).


Farmers, broadcasters and rural people.

Value addition

Radio is widespread and available to practically everyone. Capable of delivering information quickly and inexpensively, radio programmes are broadcast in local languages, convenient for listeners, and, combined with digital technology and mobile phones, they’re more interactive and powerful than ever.

What does FRI do ?

  • FRI offers radio ressources and trainings to improve rural radio programs
  • FRI innovates with new ways to make radio better than ever
  • FRI runs targeted projects that use radio to get results at scale

How is the business sustainable ?

Donor or government funded.


FRI has 32 broadcasting partners in its network in Ethiopia and more than 780 broadcasting partners across 40 sub-Saharan countries.

Up to 40% of farmers who learn about a new practice through a radio program supported by FRI end up applying it on their farm.

On average, it costs only about 50 cents to provide one programme to a farming family.


Celebrating the work of Farm Radio International