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11th April 2019 – ILRI – ETHIOPIA

Markos Lemma
CEO and Co-founder,

Born in Ethiopia in 1984. Markos Lemma is a techie, mentor, activist, co-founder of iceaddis – a community oriented innovation hub in Ethiopia and co-founder of SelamCompany – a startup venture working on primary education and literacy.

He specialised in ICT consultancy and community management. He is also an advocate for startup movements, social and environmental innovations & blogging. He consults various organizations in East Africa around startups and tech community.

He is a coordinator on a research program on literacy, a project running by MIT, OLPC & Tufts University with a direct supervision of Nicholas Negroponte, Dr. Cynthia Breazeal & Maryanne Wolf.

He organizes Barcamp Ethiopia once a year. Barcamp Ethiopia is the biggest tech community event in Ethiopia. He loves the active tech community and initiated different technology events. He is a collaborator, a blogger (Author for GlobalVoices). He mainly writes and speaks about technology ecosystem, hubs, social media, and mobile technology in Africa, green tech, and social affairs. Markos was a speaker on TEDx 2014.

His work mentioned on different media such as The Economist, BBC, CCTV, Al jazeera, TechCrunch. He graduated in computer science from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).

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